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Photo Cameras

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There is a series of cameras from Canon 5D to Leica SL with a lot of lenses to choose from. It makes sure you always have the right one for what your job.

Video Cine

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The technology keeps leaping forward and new cameras and maybe the most important the correct lenses for all types of work.


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Take to the sky in drones that capture stunning angles with super high quality. From DJI to Freefly you find the one that fits your challenge. Here I also help you fly if needed so you can focus on the camera.

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It`s been going so fast that all equipment went out and it looks like I need to extend with more gear sooner than expected. The demand and response have been overwhelming and has taken up all my time. I have partnered with others to offer more gear so even as most are booked I find what you need.

This has come at a cost where this website is not done. I will complete it as soon as I can with all the gear and equipment with all information and prices.

Please get in touch with any question you might have and I will get back to you asap I promise.